Strategic Industry Analysis – Wake Up Call No. 2
Presented to CSP e684Executive Summit

Washington, DC – June 27, 2001

About 200 executives found keynote speaker Dick Meyer’s analysis of their industry’s dynamics and trends "right on" and "timely." Having read his article on the same thesis prior to the meeting, his overview at the Mayflower Hotel in DC proved stimulating and thought provoking.

The 18 slides used for his presentation provide a "reality check" on how he views the industry’s major threats and opportunities. He suggests "Weapons to Ready for Battle" to enhance profits and counter new competition. He also dramatizes the annual value the industry’s "Most Valuable Patron (MVP)", the brand-loyal cigarette pack customer.

Special analyses summarize per-store results over the last five and last two years, allowing snapshots of growth or negative trends in the areas of volume, margins and profitability. When looking at 2000 and 1999 per-store sales’ comparisons, Meyer cautions retailers to back out fuel and cigarette inflation factors during 2000, in order to measure "real growth" same-store sales performance.

His presentation concludes with identification of the symptoms our industry’s problems, then ideas for identifying solutions. Readers are encouraged to read the referenced article that Dick developed on his thesis and also print out his comparison of per-store data.



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