Cigarette Strategies for Account Retention & Growth
as presented to American Wholesaler Marketers Association 40th National Winter Convention in Orlando February 27, 1999

This presentation was developed for this prestigious gathering of wholesalers serving the majority of U.S. convenience store retailers. It's intent is to highlight the major challenges facing wholesalers and their c-store customers, particularly as related to ongoing category management principles as they apply to cigarettes' marketing, including strategies to combat the impact of extraordinary price hikes levied late November, 1998.

So long as politicians and lawyers continue to affirm that personal responsibility is irrelevant when deep pockets are available to exploit, it behooves those involved with legal businesses to undersand their markets and potential consumers as best as possible. The wholesalers perform an integral and important function in the retail chain supporting convenience stores. Meyer & Associates applauds their efforts in ehancing the communication to their customers, that will result in the most efficient and productive "best practices" for all concerned.

Let's all keep our eye on the adult smoker's preferences, while assurng that we continuously improve our strategies to assure the non-sale of cigarettes to under-age minors.

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