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C-STORE INDUSTRY: Trends & Opportunities
FOODSERVICE - QSRs/Proprietary
TOBACCO - Trends/Category Management

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CStoreXchange� (CSX) Same Firms' trends & analyses Ongoing
A Tale of Two Seasons (in 2007) - CSP New! Jun 2008
Meyer's Top 5 C-Stores' Performance Metrics - CSP New! Oct 2007
Back to the Future: Editor�s Intro & CSD 10 years� overview - CSD Feb 2006
Dog Cullers: including Holistic Barometer with CSX � CSP Feb 2006
Fueling Sales: Impact of Rising Fuel Prices on Inside Sales - CSP Jul 2005
Benchmarking to Drive Profits - Meyer's 2004 Industry Thesis Jul 2004
Strategies to Drive Profits - Meyer's 2003 Industry Observations Jul 2003
Jump Ship or Change Course - Meyer's 2002 Strategic Industry Review - CSP Jul 2002
Comparison on a Per-Store Basis 2001 vs 2000 - CSP Jul 2002
Dealing with the "Dawgs" - NCSAG - Convenience Store Decisions Mar 2002
Industry Wake-Up Call No. 2-a Strategic Industry Analysis - CSP Jul 2001
Meeting Profitability Threats - CSP Oct 2000
Symptoms of Stress - Convenience Store Decisions Oct 2000
  Other Industry Trends & Analyses  
CSP 2002 State of the Industry Critique May 2002
Dick Meyer Year 2001 Observations May 2002
CSP 2001 State of the Industry Critique Jun 2001
Comparison on a Per-Store Basis 2000 vs 1999 Jul 2001
Outsourcing - A Growing Strategic Alternative - National Petroleum News Feb 2001
Dick Meyer Concerns Jun 2000
Success Attributes for C-Store Chains Jun 2000
  Special Industry Critiques  
Evolutions & Opportunities - You Can�t Afford to be Average! - New York State Association of C-Stores May 1998
The Changing Face of Convenience - CSP Jan 1998
20 Years of Observations in 20 Minutes - LNC Outlook Conference Nov 1997
  Troubling Trends For C-Stores  
Part I�More Tests of our Industry's Resilience - CSP Nov 1996
Part II�Keeping Score: A Critical Offensive - CSP Jan 1997
Part III�Counter-Balancing with Common Denominators for Success - CSP Feb 1997
QSR Insights for C-Stores � by Subway�s Director of Development Feb 2005
Fresh Focus: NACS Magazine interview with Subway Founder, Fred DeLuca Oct 2004
Overall Value of Foodservice to C-Stores Feb 1999
Best Practices - Foodservice  
The Art of Foodservice-Decisions...Decisions Mar 1997
Foodservice Automation-It's Not Negotiable Mar 1997
Dynamics for Global Fast Food Penetration Oct 1996
Fast Food Fundamentals for Convenience Stores Oct 1996
Choices and Consequences - CSP Jul 2006
A Holy Grail for Tobacco - Convenience Store Decisions Feb 2005
Growing Cigarette Profits - CSP Sept 2002
Cigarettes: Category Close Up - NACS Anual Meeting, Los Vegas Oct 2001
Cigarettes Reporting Dynamics - NCSAG, Dallas Mar 2001
Special Cigarettes Category Management Research - Implications of Exclusivity Programs Oct 1999
Cigarettes Marketing Dynamics - OPMA/OACS, Columbus, OH Apr 1999
Cigarette Strategies for Account Retention & Growth - AWMA, Orlando FL Feb 1999
Cigarettes Marketing for C-Stores - PMAA, San Diego Jan 1999
Cigarettes Category Management Oct 1998
Best Practices - Cigarettes Category Management  
Warning: Incomplete category management could be hazardous to your cigarette sales! An inteview with Dick Meyer - CSP Apr 1998
Tobacco Marketing for C-Store Operators - the New Realities Oct 1997
More Tests of our Industry's Resilience - CSP Nov 1996
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