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              Dick Meyer, President of Meyer & Associates, is a co-founder and partner of CStoreXchange® (CSX). CSX operates the largest databank of monthly financial and operating data for traditional convenience store operators and petroleum marketers. This web site page is provided with permission from CSX. It validates Meyer & Associates' 100% commitment to the industry initiative of CSX, which is to help retailer subscribers become more proactive (and thus potentially more profitable) by viewing timely industry trends 24/7 on-line. For additional info on CSX, surf to  

CSP “How’s Business” Cyber Conferences.
12/15/05 – by Dick Meyer
9/15/05 - by Gene Gerke & Dr. David Nelson
6/16/05 - by Dick Meyer & Francis O. Bologna
3/17/05 - by Gene Gerke & Dick Meyer
Leadership Network Conference special events - CSX
8/8/05 - Benchmarking your Business using CSX, Salt Lake City
by Gene Gerke and Benjamin Meyer
8/7/05 - Same Firms' YTD results & trends, Salt Lake City
by Dick Meyer and Dr. David Nelson
1/30/05 - Sneak Preview of 2004 vs 2003 same firms' results, Scottsdale AZ
by Dick Meyer

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