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Dick Meyer, PresidentMeyer & Associates is a consulting firm specializing in the financial & strategic planning and marketing penetration needs of convenience store & petroleum retailer and supplier companies. The majority of M&A�s resources are expended in connection with longer term strategies of client companies interested in becoming and/or remaining the premiere retailer or supplier in their chosen niche of the convenience store & petroleum industries. Mr. Meyer also works with a myriad of investment managers that seek industry-specific knowledge/trends to supplement their internal research and analytics.

For industry-specific benchmarking surf to Meyer & Associates fully supports this vital initiative to provide industry trends data to retailers and suppliers. Let's all get behind this!

Dick Meyer is available to speak to your company or association on a myriad of subjects related to the convenience store industry. By reference to the Information page on this site you can find a topic most relevant to your needs. Otherwise, call or email him to discuss your unique requirements. Mr. Meyer is a popular industry speaker and uniquely versed on topical issues such as: interpreting industry dynamics and trends; metrics and best-in-class practices to maximize c-stores' profits; making informed category management decisions; etc.

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